Ghost recon phantoms matchmaking slow

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The input lag on console is what ultimately made me quit playing.

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Matchmaking takes FOREVER! :: Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms - NA General Discussions

Anyone who starts a thread like that is just going to respond negatively to people who try and refute his points. I'm not blindly in love with it. I've been playing shooters over 20 years, this is different. Camp, want to rush, rush.. Exactly, I have a great time atm with my medic buddy with me as a pred just charging their lines. Its interesting you mentioned that you did play Arma then bring up R6 Siege as an example of "slow tactics". Don't get me wrong, both are fun games, but both of them are a far cry from anything where you could apply much real tactics by real I mean the things that don't rely on exploits.

Camping - by itself - is a valid tactical decision, and forcing a camper out of the advantageous position is the player's job, its not something a game should do for you. In case of PUBG, the shrinking of the play area and the need for looting is an artificial device designed to speed up conflict and keep everyone in motion, but it doesn't really have much to do with tactics, because it relies on this mechanics instead of forcing the player to come up with a solution, like flanking, suppressing fire, diversion or any other way of getting rid of a camper.

That being said, I didn't play PVP in Ghost Recon Wildlands, because I kinda abandoned the game upon release seeing how arcadey it is and got barely anything to do with the Ghost Recon concept about as much as Siege got to do with the R6 but I can't say that I'm surprised about Ubisoft - once again - didn't manage to find balance between arcade and tactical-ish elements. This isn't the first case and sadly I think its not the last either. Its kinda weird, because R6 Vegas 1 and 2 managed to strike a balance, but ever since then things going south.

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As far as i can tell you measure game-pace with the real life standards. And in this regards you right, this isn't any particularly slow, becses in real life snipers somthimese hold positions for hours. But i think there are close to none of those peoples who would actually enjoy a game like that. And jeah Arma can come close to it somthimese, but when I talk about tactical shooters I'm talking about tactical shooter games, not tactical sims. And for games the first thing is fun.

And again, fun is really based on the person perspective, but sitting in a top of the tower and just waiting for 10 minutes to someone from the enemy team move just isn't fun for most people. It could be for example if you would actually had to expose yourself, by removing tps camera, and only go with fps. Because then you had to actually peak to look around and hold stuff. But in the current situation you can just stay behind your indestructible cover and watch out with your magical third eye forever without any disadvantage.

I agree with the first part, but forcing people out is definitely something that the game should do, or at least give you something to do that as a player. Because right now the only reason is not to camp is boredom, and that's a really bad game design. Even in real life there are some reason to do something, like you have to clear the area, or push to a certain location etc. But there is absolutely no objective to do, non of the teams have a reason to do anything other than just sitting.

Can you imagine a PUBG game where is no circle? Most game usually will last for hours or days, and the winner would be the one who can run his computer the longest time whitout a shutdown. These are "artificial device designed to speed up conflict and keep everyone in motion" but thats exactly what a game like this needs. Even arma has them.

Ghost recon phantoms matchmaking slow

A game have to have a motion, otherwise we call it a dead one. It's just stupid, unrealistic, takes out of the tactical element, and most of all, it give the player a tool to camp without exposing himself, and by this creating a terrible situation where you can be invincible and still hold positions and kill enemies who try to push you.

There is no solution. TPS peaking over an indestructible cover is the godmode. The enemy has no way of shooting you or anything. Jeah you can "supress fire" "or flank" which could work in a real life situation, but its a closed arena 4v4. If you start suppress fire you gonna aggro 3 more enemy and put yourself in a big disadvantage. You have no reason to start and go flank, or start supress fire or anything, because you put yourself in a disadvantage.


Of course at some point someone will start to flank or do something, but thats because of boredom, not because its worth it. As I see we agree on a lot of things, though I've managed to miss the mark on conveying some of the things I wanted to express and may have gave the wrong impression. I don't measure the pace of a game with real life standards, but I don't find the pressured, forced speed fun by any means. In my opinion - I stress that its MY opinion, so its subjective and I do NOT want to force it on anyone - a fun shooter with tactical gameplay should allow the player enough time to actually develop and apply a tactics to a situation, maybe even do recon before attempting the action phase.

The gameplay itself got tools to restrict your time frame for action but allowed enough to figure out an approach or alter plans based on something you encountered. I mean tools like story, such as, let's say that opposing faction initiated an uplink and started a hacking software that'll expose family informations of friendly agents, so you MUST take action before the timer runs out.

You're right on that the guy who lays down suppressing fire exposes himself, but thats sort of the point, besides pinning down a specific camper. Such suppressing fire provides chance for the rest of your team to flank or advance, and if things go really south you'll take one for the team. Like you play support with a LMG, lay down covering fire or making it risky for the enemy to advance while your own recons or assault units can either push up on the covers of the enemy or get beyond them and take them from behind while they intend to push up as soon as you need a mag change.

As for the TPS issue, you're absolutely right, though, Arma3 had a mod that could've been a solution if ubisoft had the balls to apply it. I could imagine this applied with a sort of blur effect on the surroundings, indicating the area that you don't have direct view on at the moment, meaning you't be still aware of the area with the exception of the present position and actions of opponents. Its hard to describe it, but maybe you can find it if you google "Arma3 TPS view" or something of that sort can't do it myself now from work, we're behind the fun wall: Could you assist me in finding a solution to this.

Look, as far as match making goes it's very difficult to moderate and revise given the setup of the game. Releasing the infinite pack was without a doubt the best idea you guys have had yet. But as a result, you all have to be willing to do the work and make the game balanced once again. As of right now, out of the small community this game has, there is a wide variety of skill level and gear.

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What you need to figure it out is how to make skill and gear coalesce without undermining one or the other. What I mean is that you can either get to the top after months or years of grinding AC, or you can throw down more than just a few bucks and get the best guns. Either way, there is a way to get to the top, you don't HAVE to pay..

But unless you can afford to play this game for hours and hours, you're looking at about the time span of a year and Ubi knows this. The business model is extremely one-sided, everyone knows that, Ubi will not change it, we have to work with what we have here. This game is not as extremely tactical as people think, at least it's not anymore. When coming in CQC with an asVal vs. However, these situations should not happen, and this is why match making needs to be revised. There really aren't many changes you can make right now considering the player count is always changing, mostly negatively so any changes you make now are going to be largely piecemeal.

But here's a short list of ideas if anyone reading this is feeling optimistic. I would make it most heavily based on gear and give a disclaimer saying, "Buying this gun will enter you into a higher skill level bracket. Players should also be put into matches based on level.

Ghost recon matchmaking shown

A level 50 recons should not be put up against a level For instance, a player cannot buy an AN 94 if his assault is level 5. I would think level 30 would be a good benchmark. To assure the game makes money in the meantime, send the players special offers on cosmetics such as headgear, nades, and maybe introduce some new things such as unique inserts. Inserts that boost a players speed or increase weapon damage. That would be a lot of work on Ubi's part but nothing that the community doesn't deserve. Don't factor match completion rate into AR. It's a horrible idea considering many players are disconnected from servers.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms - Snowman dislikes the matchmaking! 120+ kills @ Nukes

From experience I have found that it is hard to bring up your match completion rate after missing several matches. Which also brings up an idea, instead of automatically starting another search for a match, just add a pop-up saying, "Would you like to play another match? This prevents players from getting into a match when they really want to get off. Add some more game lobbies. Months excited about relationship the right way, i judging you for hooking up water line will pass through basket in the trash can black women who choose to enjoy an active.

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ghost recon phantoms matchmaking slow Ghost recon phantoms matchmaking slow
ghost recon phantoms matchmaking slow Ghost recon phantoms matchmaking slow
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