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Surely, you will be invited to some underground bars to dance flamenco since Spanish locals are probably among the friendliest in Europe and food and lodging is quite cheap.

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I used to travel to Luxembourg very often when I was in my old corporate job in London. I must admit that I used to spend most of my time at the offices but a few times I decided to spend the weekend there and Luxembourg is minuscule in comparison to most other countries in Europe and beyond, but I guess this is what makes it special. The compact size of the city makes it perfect to walk around. Another plus is given by the fact that being off most tourists route, you can almost feel like you are visiting an unspoilt and traditional place.

There are hundreds of expats living in Luxembourg many corporations have their European HQs there for tax reasons , so you will find a surprising large international community for such a tiny city. I was in Ljubljana for my birthday this year and I absolutely fell in love with the city and the rest of Slovenia!

I am glad I went this year, because I think it will be a much more popular destination in a few years. It's still relatively cheap and it has a laid back vibe, it features tons of edgy coffee shops and bars and it's a place I could definitely call home for a while. If on one hand, the capital is quite pricey and travelling around can be challenging without a car, there are many ways to beat the exchange rate, like joining one of the free city walking tours and eating at the most popular spot in town, the Baejarins Beztu Pysur hot dog stand yes, the one Kim Kardashian went to.

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Iceland, not only Reykjavik, offer city lovers and nature lovers enough reasons to fall in love with the country and Icelancers are meant to be some of the most sociable and friendly people in the world so making new friends won't be hard for a solo traveler. Have we missed any destinations? Let us know in the comment below! How to find your new perfect home abroad Top 8 European Destinations for the Perfect Erasmus Experience Practical guide to save a lot of money and travel the world.

Lisbon, Portugal Lisbon is one of the most affordable cities in Europe and it is a beautiful place to explore. Amsterdam, The Netherlands The laid back atmosphere in Amsterdam is actually one of the reasons why I keep going back there. Bologna, Italy Bologna is fantastic for two reasons: Dublin, Ireland Beer lovers should head to Dublin , where the locals are super friendly and the vibrant pub scene is the perfect place to meet new people.

Rome, Italy Rome used to have a bad reputation for solo travellers, but I've been there a dozen times and I never had any trouble.

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Turin Turin is finally reaching the top of many people's travel bucket lists. Berlin There are no places like Berlin. Vienna Austria's capital bursts with charm and positive vibes. Budapest, Hungary Eastern Europe is still relatively cheaper than Western Europe , so if you are travelling on a shoestring, Budapest could be a great option for your budget. Paris, France Paris may be the city of love , but that doesn't mean that solo travellers aren't welcome.

London, UK London's large size can be overwhelming for a solo traveller, but it is quite possibly one of the easiest cities to explore thanks to its excellent public transport system and the fact that everyone, obviously, speaks English. What are the most popular tours in Negril? Travellers or Coco Lapalm?

See All Negril Conversations. How far is Negril from Montego bay airport? Couples Negril 21 replies trip from the airport? Hotels travelers are raving about Hotel Riu Palace Tropical Bay. All hotels in Negril Top questions about Negril. Jumping from the Cliffs?! RBT What is the best way to arrive in Negril?

When is the best time to visit? RandBTravel 13, forum posts. Members who are knowledgeable about this destination and volunteer their time to answer travelers' questions. Though it had its groovy heyday in the s, London is still fully swinging.

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The city has some incredible nightclubs and a wide variety of pubs to choose from to watch a little football. The people of Goa are so friendly and always up for a little dialogue, making this an ideal destination for parties of one. Rent a bike and check out the scenery during the day or just lie on the sand and look out at the Arabian Sea and then get down to some trance music from sunset till sunrise.

This Spanish island is legendary for its all-day, all-night, all-week shindigs.

If you love sunshine, love to party, and love to party in the sunshine, this should move to the top of your list. Think boats, beaches, and open-air clubs all day and all night—and lots of attractive new people to meet. This sort of goes back to 1 on the list and that Hemingway sensibility.

This trip is all about cigars, beautiful old cars, great food, and friendly folks. Cruise around in a vintage ride and see the sights during the day and enjoy warm nights with live music after hours. Ireland is so lush and misty and green. Get in touch with your inner poet taking in this moody landscape. And you must make a pilgrimage to the Guinness factory and get a little fuzzy on a few pints as you learn about the storied history of this over year-old brew.

Also known as Sin City, this destination is best known for bad decisions and well-kept secrets. Make some friends at the poker table and maybe start up a poolside or nightclub romance. Look forward to playful exchanges and stimulating conversation. It is a multicultural melting pot, to boot, where you can sample nearly any type of cuisine—this is a must-go spot for the discerning foodie. This area of Jamaica actually has a booming industry dedicated solely to singles travel.

So, they must be doing something right. There are beautiful beaches here to unwind on, jungles to explore, and a laidback sensibility to enjoy. This sun-drenched city in Spain is so cool—palm trees meet modernism meets surrealistic architecture. This is a food and drink destination; really a paradise for anyone who loves the two. Best of all, the city is filled with young travelers from around the world, there for all the same things you are: The nightlife alone is worth the trip: While things are undeniably lively and exciting by day, the night welcomes you with open arms in Barcelona.

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Well, you just kind of have to go here. This is a place of excess: In between sins, be sure to look at some of the beautiful old houses.

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And fret not, single travelers: In Hong Kong, you should spend your days pounding the pavement, gawking at skyscrapers, and dropping down cash on clothes. There is a lot of history and beautiful architecture to enjoy, which you can even do while you drink. Budapest is thought to have some of the best bars in Europe and clearly the most unique. This is a really interesting and charming city, and one that can be perfect for strolling around cobblestone streets on your own.

Topping our list for traveling couples , this is another night owl city and a befitting destination for the solo wanderer. You can literally party until dawn or shop, or watch movies, or do karaoke, or. There is also some amazing and inexpensive street food in Seoul, so this can be a great destination for the single guy on a budget.

best places to travel to hook up Best places to travel to hook up
best places to travel to hook up Best places to travel to hook up
best places to travel to hook up Best places to travel to hook up
best places to travel to hook up Best places to travel to hook up
best places to travel to hook up Best places to travel to hook up
best places to travel to hook up Best places to travel to hook up
best places to travel to hook up Best places to travel to hook up
best places to travel to hook up Best places to travel to hook up
best places to travel to hook up Best places to travel to hook up

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